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Zoe Yoga is my website offering some simple bite sized on-line yoga classes for anyone and everyone to practice at home or on holiday, plus a few other bits that interest me, class timetables etc! I hope you enjoy.. 

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Studio Zo! 769 580 Zoe Warren

Studio Zo!

My husband Jake and I, in conjunction with the wonderful charity Age UK, have started a free monthly workshop for the elderly community in our area called Studio Zo at one of our lovely local yoga studios. The idea is that it is half an hour of chair yoga, half an hour interactive demo (cooking,…

Gentle Flow – 20 min practice 150 150 Zoe Warren

Gentle Flow – 20 min practice

A short 20 minute complete practice to follow from the comfort of your own home. Breathe, move, go slow.. Notice your tendency to rush through your practice like you rush through life. Allow the time you set aside for your yoga practice to simply slow down and see what effect it has on your mind,…

Yoga Flow – 40 Min Practice 150 150 Zoe Warren

Yoga Flow – 40 Min Practice

A slightly longer practice for all levels to be able to follow at home. As always the focus is on long even and smooth breaths and trying to create as much of a rhythm to your practice as possible. Try to move as smoothly as you can from pose to pose so that the whole…

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