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January 2015

Warrior II

Warrior II 1920 1512 Zoe Warren

From Tadasana (Standing) take a big step back with your left foot.  The right foot faces directly forward. The left foot is at a slight angle, pointing to 10 O’Clock (so…

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Good but affordable Yoga mat

Good but affordable Yoga mat 700 700 Zoe Warren

A simple but good yoga mat to get you started. Yoga Matters have a great selection of non-stick mats that won’t break the bank. This one only costs £17 and…

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Yoga Bricks

Yoga Bricks 700 700 Zoe Warren

A block or two is pretty much essential for a physical yoga practice. You can sit on them, lean on them, stand on them, squeeze them.. The possibilities are endless, they…

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Cobra 1920 936 Zoe Warren

Lie on your front with you hands directly under your shoulders. As you inhale pull the hands back towards you in order to lift the chest up.  People often push…

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Jade Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga Mat 880 545 Zoe Warren

A yoga mat made to last. A Jade Yoga Mat is really worth the investment. They are lovely thick, non slip yoga mats that are well worth it if you…

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Chaturanga yoga vest

Chaturanga yoga vest 800 1000 Zoe Warren

Another Sweaty Betty Yoga top with the pretties back and yet still with support in the right areas. This is £60. Click here to go to the Sweaty Betty website. 

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Yoga vest

Yoga vest 800 1000 Zoe Warren

  Sweaty Betty do great vests that don’t slip up even upside down in a range of great colours. I wear them on and off the mat, constantly! This mukhara…

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Gentle Seated Twist

Gentle Seated Twist 1649 1920 Zoe Warren

Sit cross legged on the floor or if that feels uncomfortable sit on a cushion or a block. Inhale sit up tall to lengthen the spine and as you exhale…

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Gentle seated twist

Gentle seated twist 150 150 Zoe Warren

Sit cross legged on the floor, a block or a cushion.  Inhale sit up tall to lengthen the spine. Exhale twist over to the right bringing your left hand onto…

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Truly perfect leggings

Truly perfect leggings 980 1217 Zoe Warren

Lulu Lemon do a great range of yoga leggings that not only hold you in and look good but they aren’t see through around the bum, whatever pose you do!…

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