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April 2015

Secret Yoga Club

Secret Yoga Club 340 340 Zoe Warren

  This Saturday, Secret Yoga Club are running an event at 33 Portland Place, London, W1. They are an amazing organisation with pop up events full of yoga, delicious food,…

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Seated Hip Opener-

Seated Hip Opener- 1920 1262 Zoe Warren

  Sit with the souls of your feet together as close to your body as feels ok. If it feels uncomfortable sit on a block or a cushion to let your knees…

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Australian Galaxy leggings

Australian Galaxy leggings 1263 1920 Zoe Warren

[image url=””]   Black Milk leggings are great for yoga, for festivals, for anything. I adore this pair with Galaxy Print all over them. They are an Australian brand so…

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Standing Sequence – 10 Minute Video

Standing Sequence – 10 Minute Video 150 150 Zoe Warren

Level: 1-2 This is a 10 minute video focusing on standing poses such as Side Angle, Triangle and Wide Leg Forward Bend. These poses are great for developing strength through…

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