Organic vs Non-organic  – what should we buy?
When farming first began all food was organic. Now, pesticides, additives and preservatives are added to foods and crops to retain freshness, improve yields and modify taste. These additives increase the toxic load that the human body must break down and eliminate.   Research has found organic produce to contain less harmful pesticides and more  [...]
Courgette noodles
If you love your Bolognese but want a healthier nutrient-rich alternative the zoodle chef spiraliser might be just what you’re looking for.   Transforming vegetables into noodles you can ditch the pasta and still enjoy your favourite foods. I came across the zoodle chef spiraliser and was instantly sold. Unlike most spiralisers that take up half  [...]
Pure Taste.  Eat like a caveman…
The paleo diet, to the 5% of the population who haven’t heard of it, is a diet where you eat similarly to that of a caveman (almost).   Grains and dairy are verboten but fish, grass-fed beef, chicken, veggies and fruit along with nuts and seeds are on the menu.   The principle behind paleo eating  [...]