Rasa Yoga – The Nine Emotions
Rasa Yoga is a form of Tantra yoga. It focuses on the mind and it’s often negative tendencies with the idea of fasting from these negative thoughts and trying to replace them with positive ones. It takes 5 positive thoughts to counterbalance one negative thought and to start to form new neurological pathways making that positive  [...]
Correcting misalignment in the pelvis
Misalignment in the pelvis is one of the major causes of misalignment and/or pain in the spine. Using our yoga practice we need to retrain our bodies and our minds to become comfortable and strong in correct alignment so that we don’t then fall into bad habits as soon as we walk off our mats and  [...]
Seated Yoga – 10 Minute Video
  GENTLE SEATED YOGA CLASS: LEVEL: 1 – 2 This is a gentle yoga class to follow. Great to open up the whole body and a wonderful way to start or end the day with these gentle stretches. All you need is a quiet corner, a mat and some wifi. Pause the video whenever you  [...]
Warrior II
From Tadasana (Standing) take a big step back with your left foot.  The right foot faces directly forward. The left foot is at a slight angle, pointing to 10 O’Clock (so the knee, hip and foot are all on the same angle) Front heel wants to line up with the inner arch of the back foot.  [...]
Good but affordable Yoga mat
A simple but good yoga mat to get you started. Yoga Matters have a great selection of non-stick mats that won’t break the bank. This one only costs £17 and comes in a great range of colours. Click here to follow to the Yogamatters website.   [...]
Sit cross legged on the floor, a block or a cushion.  Inhale sit up tall to lengthen the spine. Exhale twist over to the right bringing your left hand onto your right knee and your right hand behind your back. Slightly lean forward over your right hip to encourage the spine to move in a  [...]