Yoga Poses

Seated Hip Opener-

Seated Hip Opener- 1920 1262 Zoe Warren

  Sit with the souls of your feet together as close to your body as feels ok. If it feels uncomfortable sit on a block or a cushion to let your knees…

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Seated Spinal Twist

Seated Spinal Twist 1920 1222 Zoe Warren

Sit with both legs out in front of you.  Hug your right knee into your chest. Step the right foot to the far side of the left thigh Inhale sit…

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One Leg Downward Dog with Hip Opener

One Leg Downward Dog with Hip Opener 1920 1618 Zoe Warren

One Leg Downward Dog with Hip Opener: Come into your Downward Dog and take a few deep breaths Lift your right leg up as high as you can.  Keep your…

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Warrior II

Warrior II 1920 1512 Zoe Warren

From Tadasana (Standing) take a big step back with your left foot.  The right foot faces directly forward. The left foot is at a slight angle, pointing to 10 O’Clock (so…

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Cobra 1920 936 Zoe Warren

Lie on your front with you hands directly under your shoulders. As you inhale pull the hands back towards you in order to lift the chest up.  People often push…

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Gentle Seated Twist

Gentle Seated Twist 1649 1920 Zoe Warren

Sit cross legged on the floor or if that feels uncomfortable sit on a cushion or a block. Inhale sit up tall to lengthen the spine and as you exhale…

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Seated Meditation

Seated Mediation

Seated Mediation 1838 1920 Zoe Warren

Sit down cross legged. It can be more comfortable to sit on a block or a cushion. Sit up tall and then work your way through your muscles relaxing them,…

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Downward Dog

Downward Dog 1920 1280 Zoe Warren

From all fours (hands and knees) hands flat, shoulder width apart, fingers spread out. Keep your upper arms and shoulders rotating outwards while your forearms squeeze in towards one another.…

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