Rasa Yoga – The Nine Emotions
Rasa Yoga is a form of Tantra yoga. It focuses on the mind and it’s often negative tendencies with the idea of fasting from these negative thoughts and trying to replace them with positive ones. It takes 5 positive thoughts to counterbalance one negative thought and to start to form new neurological pathways making that positive  [...]
Correcting misalignment in the pelvis
Misalignment in the pelvis is one of the major causes of misalignment and/or pain in the spine. Using our yoga practice we need to retrain our bodies and our minds to become comfortable and strong in correct alignment so that we don’t then fall into bad habits as soon as we walk off our mats and  [...]
The Pelvic Floor Muscle
I found this article online by Ruth Jones really interesting about the use of the pelvic floor muscles and fascia for yoga and for everyday life. Ruth Jones, MCSP, PhD student Southampton University UK, and Stanford University California USA, has been conducting cutting edge research on the Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFM), also know as Mula  [...]
The Science of Yoga by William J Broad
The 5 Koshas
In the west we see the human body as relatively one dimensional. In many Eastern traditions they look at the body as many different ‘bodies’ or layers. In Yogic traditions they see the human body as having 5 layers or Koshas that cover our Atman, our true soul. These layers run from the most physical outer body  [...]
The 4 parts of the thinking mind.
In our yoga and meditation practice we are often trying to quieten the mind, this is a great skill to refine however this is not going to be the solution to our worries to simply stop worrying or over thinking. It is like putting a plaster on a serious cut, it might cover it up but it will  [...]
Looking after your spine in your yoga poses.
A huge percentage of the population will suffer from pain in their back at some point in their lives and the majority of this is felt in the lower back or ‘lumbar spine’. Yoga poses can be great at stretching out and moving the vertebrae relieving pain and stiffness at the back of the body  [...]
The Importance of Breath in Yoga
On average we breathe about 7 % of our lung capacity during the day. Considering our breath oxygenates our blood and then takes this on to all our vital organs, calms our heart rate, steadies our adrenal glands, helps us to focus AND calms the mind this is not much at all! In yoga we  [...]