Courgette noodles

Courgette noodles 900 1152 Genevieve Scott

If you love your Bolognese but want a healthier nutrient-rich alternative the zoodle chef spiraliser might be just what you’re looking for.   Transforming vegetables into noodles you can ditch the pasta and still enjoy your favourite foods.

I came across the zoodle chef spiraliser and was instantly sold. Unlike most spiralisers that take up half the kitchen worktop the zoodle chef spiraliser is a handheld kitchen tool that transforms courgettes, carrots and cucumbers into curly spaghetti like strands. The zoodle spiraliser has two blades with one blade for creating ribbon strands and the other for spaghetti strands. It can be used to create raw salads such as an Asian cucumber noodle salad, heated to make courgetti bolognese or baked in the oven to make parsnip chips. 

If you’re cooking for a large family or group I would suggest buying one of the larger spiraliser models however if you’re cooking for two or you’re short on kitchen space the zoodle spiraliser is a great inexpensive alternative.

Recipes to follow…

You can buy the spiraliser on amazon following the link below.