Pure Taste. Eat like a caveman…

Pure Taste. Eat like a caveman… 320 283 Genevieve Scott

The paleo diet, to the 5% of the population who haven’t heard of it, is a diet where you eat similarly to that of a caveman (almost).   Grains and dairy are verboten but fish, grass-fed beef, chicken, veggies and fruit along with nuts and seeds are on the menu.   The principle behind paleo eating is that humans have not evolved quickly enough to digest foods created by modern agriculture. It is perfect for those who are following a gluten, dairy or sugar free diet.

Enter Pure Taste. London’s first paleo restaurant opened at Christmas, in Westbourne Grove, with a purely paleo menu. Nutritional Therapist Holly Redman offers a menu of organic meats, chicken and fish as well as options for vegetarians.   When we went the menu included a delicious guinea fowl, cavolo nero, a ‘bread sauce’ with madeira and tasty halibut with dukkah, spinach and lemon.   Being paleo doesn’t stop the menu from including ‘tarts’, ‘breads’ and a chocolate orange ganache when we were there. The wine, although not strictly paleo, is sulphate free and biodynamic.

The menu is coded, depending on diet type, which makes it a little confusing but helpful for those on restricted diets.  If you’re on a gluten free, dairy free or sugar free diet this place meets all the requirements.



115 Westbourne grove, W2 4UP

020 7727 5500