Steps to follow my online classes:

computer yogaIf you are new to yoga or have any queries, please book in for a one-on-one Skype lesson.
If you have any medical conditions or injuries please consult your doctor first. You follow these videos at your own risk!

Level 1: Beginner / Level 2: Comfortable with yoga / Level 3: Advanced.

Find a quiet corner at home to put your mat down, you will need wifi connection and to be able to see your computer screen from your mat. 

Props: You may need a cushion or yoga brick to sit on. A towel or yoga strap. 

Follow the videos at your own pace. Pause if you need a break. 

If any pose doesn’t feel right DON’T do it. 

Try and take a long rest in your SAVASANA at the end, lying flat on your back allowing your body and mind to be still for a little while. 

The main thing to remember is to breathe deeply in and out of the nose.

Enjoy the videos and please do give me your feedback! x