Downward Dog

Downward Dog 1920 1280 Zoe Warren
  • From all fours (hands and knees) hands flat, shoulder width apart, fingers spread out.
  • Keep your upper arms and shoulders rotating outwards while your forearms squeeze in towards one another. ie try not to hunch your shoulders!
  • As you exhale, push the floor away, lift your hips and push yourself back into the downward dog position.
  • Keep your knees initially bent to lengthen the spine, the hips are as high as possible. Then if it feels ok straighten the legs, while maintaining the length in the spine. 
  • Heels can be off or on the floor. 
  • Squeeze upper arms towards each other, shoulder blades down along the spine.
  • Take 5 deep breaths in and out of the nose. 
  • (Downward Dog can feel very uncomfortable when you first start yoga but stick with it and in time you will love it, I promise!) 


  • Downward dog is a great pose for allowing the back to lengthen and release.
  • It stretches out the hamstrings and calves. 
  • It allows blood to flow up to the top half of the body, the head, the heart. This gives a good flush of oxygenated blood up to that area helping us to stay alert and giving our circulation a boost.