Gentle Seated Twist

Gentle Seated Twist 1649 1920 Zoe Warren
  • Sit cross legged on the floor or if that feels uncomfortable sit on a cushion or a block.
  • Inhale sit up tall to lengthen the spine and as you exhale twist over to the right. 
  • Bring your left hand onto your right knee and your right hand behind your back. 
  • Slightly lean forward over your right hip in a very gentle forward bend to encourage the vertebrae to curve in the same direction.
  • Every inhale you take lengthen the body by lifting up through the crown of the head.
  • Every exhale twist over the right side squeezing the belly in and up.
  • Take 5 deep pulsing breaths here and then change sides.


  • Gentle twisting encourages the spine to lengthen and move encouraging moisture into the spine and therefore helping to loosen and lengthen the spine. 
  • Twists are very detoxifying for the gut and the internal organs (especially the kidneys and the liver). By squeezing the stomach in and up as you twist in one direction you are massaging into those areas. As you release you allow fresh oxygenated blood (from the deep breaths) to flood through these organs.