Rasa Yoga – The Nine Emotions

Rasa Yoga – The Nine Emotions 1920 1023 Zoe Warren

Rasa Yoga is a form of Tantra yoga. It focuses on the mind and it’s often negative tendencies with the idea of fasting from these negative thoughts and trying to replace them with positive ones. It takes 5 positive thoughts to counterbalance one negative thought and to start to form new neurological pathways making that positive thought a habit which rewards your mind with dopamine rather than the negative one.


FEAR –          COURAGE       **CALMNESS **



The list of 4 negatives on the left can be described by many different adjectives but tend to be the 4 main negative states of mind/ emotions that we can fall into due to circumstance and daily life encounters. When you feel these emotions taking over and perhaps seeping into your other thoughts or actions then Rasa Yoga can be used to choose the opposite of that negative state and to use that as your mantra. To breathe it in. To feel the sensations of being in that positive state, in love, courageous, in grateful wonder at the world we live in or to be joyful.

For me, sitting in the car is often my trigger to over think or worry too much or allow and irritation to bubble over into anger. If I find this happening too much then I would try and re-train my mind (just as you re-train your physical body in correct alignment) to focus on the positive emotion rather than the negative. I would fast or abstain from the negative emotion. To start with this feels difficult and our minds do not want to comply but with practice and gentle persistence it becomes much easier. The ideal state or emotion is calmness. This is where we ideally want to reside in mind and body.

What rasa yoga techniques and other yoga traditions are trying to encourage is use of our conscious mind (only 2 % of our thoughts are conscious!) to determine how much of our subconscious minds actions we want to follow. To make conscious RASA YOGA decisions on what we think about and how our mind functions rather than being at the mercy of our subconscious mind which doesn’t always have our best interests at heart!