About Zoe Yoga

Here you will find access to my weekly videos or regular classes where we ripple, sway, strengthen and stretch out what our week has thrown at us, all to a beautiful playlist.. 

About Zoe

I grew up in Scotland in the remote hills of Galloway, this place holds a huge chunk of my heart and fuels my love of hills, rain and places with no other people! 

I then spent my twenties rolling around London, listening to endless wonderful music late at night in dark clubs trying to understand the complexities of my mind, my anxiety and my completely messed up hormones (long story!)  

I began yoga purely for the physical practice which I loved, however over time began to see the treasure trove that concisions movement, breath and stillness could offer. I started reading around the subject ferociously and adding more and more courses under my belt helping me gain more knowledge and understanding of this huge subject – yoga, anatomy, movement, meditation, philosophy, neurology.. 

I did my first full teacher teacher training with The Power Yoga Company in London. After a wonderfully tough few months I qualified in May 2010. I add to this training often with more trainings, retreats and workshops. Some of my other trainings include Ana Forrest’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Tri Yoga, Nadia Narain’s Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training at Tri Yoga, Rod Striker’s Para Yoga Kosha Teacher Training at the Yoga Campus, Namoni Absalom’s 6 month mentoring program Liberate, and many more…

Can we learn to listen to these amazing bodies of ours that carry us through the ups and downs of life. Can we become more aware? More attuned in every layer of our being – physical, energetic and mental? Perhaps this can begin to unravel the tightness we cling onto and offer a glimpse of freedom every now and then… 

My weekly video and my classes are designed to get you to move your body in a way that suits YOU and you only. Be prepared to sway, dance, play, move, sweat, rest, strengthen and stretch out to a beautiful playlist. No two weeks are the same.

I am honoured to be influenced by insightful yogis and progressive thinkers like Zephyr Wildman, Naomi Absalom, Dr Rangan Chaterjee, Gabor Mate, David Kham and many more.

I really hope you enjoy my online offerings to help you navigate the ups and downs of life in your own wonderful way.. 

Zoe x