About Zoe Yoga

Zoe Yoga is my website offering simple bite sized on-line classes for anyone and everyone to follow at home or on holiday, some musings, a class timetable etc.. 

I founded Zoe Yoga in January 2015 having moved from London to the beautiful countryside of Hampshire. It is a way of connecting to my clients around the country, even if I am not there in person! I wanted to set up a site to gently encourage anyone wanting a little guidance with regards to their movement/ yoga, to explore what is right for their body and their energy on any given day. The videos are just a guide to set you up and move your body in any way that feels good.. 

The sections of my Zoe Yoga website are:

Yoga Videos

There is a collection of bite sized yoga videos for you to follow from the comfort of your home or on holiday to keep you supple in body and calm in mind, even if you can’t get to a class.. I will be adding regular new sessions to inspire and encourage your home practice.

Yoga Poses

This section has a breakdown of individual yoga poses taking you through your alignment and the benefits of each pose. Especially useful if a pose isn’t feeling quite right!


The classes section lets you know how you can join me for public or private classes. I teach private classes in central London and the Newbury area as well as public classes at The Power Yoga Company in London www.thepoweryogaco.com and at Stable Yoga in Woolton Hill www.stableyoga.co.uk

I did my first full teacher teacher training with The Power Yoga Company in London, talk about diving in the deepend! After a wonderfully tough few months I qualified in May 2010. I add to this training annually with more trainings, retreats and workshops, there is an endless pool of yoga teachings, anatomy, philosophy, meditation techniques, the list goes on! Some of my other trainings include Ana Forrest’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Tri Yoga, Nadia Narain’s Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training at Tri Yoga, Rod Striker’s Para Yoga Kosha Teacher Training at the Yoga Campus, Namoni Absalom’s 6 month mentoring program Liberate, and much more… 

All this adds up to an individual way of teaching yoga, breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. The style of movement that I teach is creative! Moving ones body in the way it wants to move can take a while to get into but once you’re in the zone it can be magic. I encourage people to breathe mindfully creating a moving meditative practice which in turn aims to calm the nervous system and the mind helping us to feel a more settled yet vibrant version of ourselves. 

I really hope you enjoy my website as a little extra to help you navigate the ups and downs of life in your own wonderful way.. 

Do let me know how you get on!

Zoe x