Warrior II

Warrior II 1920 1512 Zoe Warren
  • From Tadasana (Standing) take a big step back with your left foot. 
  • The right foot faces directly forward.
  • The left foot is at a slight angle, pointing to 10 O’Clock (so the knee, hip and foot are all on the same angle)
  • Front heel wants to line up with the inner arch of the back foot.
  • Bend the right knee so the knee tracks over the ankle.
  • Press firmly into both feet.
  • The hips want to stay open to the side of the mat.
  • Arms extend out to the side keeping the shoulders down the back.
  • Lift up through the lower belly.
  • Keep the spine long.
  • Warrior poses should be done with strong deep breath and a feeling of strength or power. 
  • Take 5 deep breaths and then change legs.


  • This is a great pose physically for the legs and glute muscles to really strengthen. 
  • It helps the hips to open up. 
  • Is is nice alignment for the lower back and sacrum helping to strengthen and support that area.